• AUGUST: Welcome to the new management: Jim Taylor. Well wishes to Don.
  • SEPTEMBER: Training demand increasing: WE NEED NEW INSTRUCTORS
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  • Thanks to all the members and guests for a successful Labor Day Open House. Catch the slide show below.

It all begins at Eglin AFB. The 2016 Labor Day Open House. The club flew 66 customers in 24 sorties (Flights), including one former pilot at 86 years old who hadn’t flown in 40 plus years.
The brains: Tom Randall master organizer and flight dispatcher.
Steve Rosier orchestrates the launches.
The Fleet
The plan was to use 2 of our C-172's. A weather delay caused the addition of another C-172 and a great team effort to get back on schedule.
The Pilots
All of our pilots are club members who volunteer their time. Chris Evans has a Commerical Pilot Rating.
The Pilots
George Ross has a Commerical Pilot Rating.
The Pilots
Gary Odom is one of the club's instructors.
The Pilots
Bob Burnet is a club instructor and FAA Examiner.
Going Flying
After customers had completed the required paperwork and paid a nominal fee of just $25, they dug in to the beautiful array of food prepared and donated by Frankie & Steve Rosier. When their time arrived, they were paired with their pilot.
Going Flying
Customers then were briefed and boarded their chariots.
Going Flying
Final safety checks are performed at every phase.
Going Flying
It was a beautiful day to fly!
Going Flying
Kindred spirits.
Going Flying
"Slipping the surly bonds"....
The Eglin Aero Club is an FAA certified Part 141 Flight Training School. We offer training for Private, Commericial, and Airline Transport Pilot certificates as well as Instrument, Muli-engine, and Instructor ratings. Our staff includes an FAA certified Flight Examiner. The club is a designated FAA and Comira testing center via the Computer Assisted Testing System (CATS) organization. If you can legally gain access to Eglin AFB, we can train and test you.
2016 Labor Day Open House


6:00PM Thursday, June 13, 2019

at Eglin Yacht Club