Jeff Riemer

Flight Instructor

Ratings: ATP AMEL, Comm ASEL, Private Glider, CFI ASEL, AMEL, Instrument

Flying Since: 1966

Total Hours: 5900

Aircraft Flown: X29,F4,F16,F15,F5,F/A18, F106,A7,A/T37,A10,T38,T39,T43,T33,T2,C141,C17,C131B, C18,EC/KC135, U6,UV18, C130, P3, B200, EMB110, NC131, MC130H, O2, HH60, UH46, American AA-1/1A/1B/5/5B, Beechcraft B55, D18, H/S/V35, BE24R, T34, Musketeer, Bellanca 150, most Cessnas, 182RG,195,206,210,310,402, Citabria, Culver Cadet, Cirrus SR22, SR22T,DC3, Fairchild PT19, Lockheed Lodestar, Maule Rocket, Money Ranger, Piper Apache, Aztec, Cherokee 140,180,235,Six, Warrior and many more but ran out of characters!


Started flying at age 14, soloed at 16, private at 17, commercial/instrument at 18. Flight instructed through college. Joined the military with 1600 hours of flying time, flew F-4s operationally, served as a T-37 instructor, accepted F-16s off the assembly line, attended test pilot school, instructed at test pilot school in the F-4, A-37, and U-6. Spent the remained of my flying time in the military in the test business. After 34-years in the military retired and began to fly civilian aircraft again. I love to fly!


6:00PM Thursday, September 8, 2022

at Eglin Yacht Club