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Ground Schools

"The First Step"


The Eglin Aero Club is a certified Part 141 Flight Training School and as such ground school training
 is a requirement 

Our CFI's are working hard to give our students the best instruction possible. We are currently only accepting Private Pilot students - Please fill out the form below email it to and call the club to make payment to be added to our waitlist.
Ground School Application


Private Pilot students MUST COMPLETE stage 1 of ground school with a passing exam score in order to be placed on the waitlist for an instructor. This is a club requirement, failure to progress through the ground school program will delay the students training.

--Jeppesen Online Ground School is a 1 year program where the student will be able to learn on their own time. The student will have 1 year to complete the ground school or the student can renew the subscription for an additional cost. This is available for the Private Pilot Program, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Single-Engine. - $315 for all online courses




6:00PM Thursday, August 8, 2024

at Eglin Yacht Club