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Ground Schools


The Eglin Aero Club is a certified Part 141 Flight Training School and as such ground school training
 is a requirement.  



--Private Pilot Ground School (in-person) prepares students for the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test.  It is approximately 35 hours of classroom instruction, including three stage exams and one final exam.  Homework is assigned for each session that assists students in successful completion of the classroom exams.  Topics covered include aircraft systems, instruments, performance, meteorology, navigation, communications, emergency procedures, airports and complex aircraft systems. -$400 for the course, $285 for private pilot kit

--Jeppesen Online Ground School is a 1 year program where the student will be able to learn on their own time. The online ground school would be a great option for those who can not attend the in-person course due to their work schedule. It's also a good option for those who are able to be self-taught. The student will have 1 year to complete the ground school or the student can renew the subscription for an additional cost. This is available for the Private Pilot Program, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Single-Engine. - $315 for all online courses, $285 for private pilot kit, $84 for instrument/commercial manual


--The Instrument Ground School course is designed to prepare a student for the Instrument Rating, Airplane Knowledge test.  It is approximately 35 hours of classroom instruction, including three stage exams and one final exam.  There is homework assigned for each session and completion of it will dramatically increase the student’s odds of success on the final classroom test and therefore the FAA written test. - $435 (includes instrument/commercial manual)


--The Eglin Aero Club offers ground school classes for Private Pilot and Instrument ratings from time to time when there is sufficient student interest to run a class.  Please fill out a registration form if you are interested in attending a future ground school. 
--Other Ground Schools can be given on a one on one basis or special arrangements can be made as long as a minimum class size is met.


If you are interested in taking a ground school with us, please fill out the form below and email it to and we will contact you with details (once available) on our upcoming classes. For addition information & costs, please call us at 850-882-5148 or talk to Cindy at 883-2123



Average Cost



(35 hrs flight over 6 months)


Current cost of lessons MAR 2021:
$150 for aircraft (based off of highest priced trainer plane, C-172P/N/R)
$45 per hour for instructor
Average cost is just around $10k for those that complete the rating with the minimum allowed hours to become certified. Be aware that this total cost can vary depending on the student's learning ability, weather, plane maintenance, and life events. 
*see below for detailed breakdown of costs



$  5250

Instruction –   Flight

$  1575


$  1575

Ground School

$   315

Books and Supplies

$   300

FAA Flight Check

$   500

FAA Written Exam

$   150

FAA Class III Medical

$   150

Initiation and dues

$   180*


$  9995.00**

*six months of dues and the initiation fee     



6:00PM Thursday, December 9, 2021

at Eglin Yacht Club